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Interview with Alfaaraa (video)

I have just been listening to this online radio interview with Lisa Harrison and Alfaaraa. There is far too much here to transcribe for non-English speakers, so I have only put a few bullet points at the end to give an idea of the subject matter covered, which tended to dart about all over the place because the subject was vast and the interview time limited. Alfaaraa presented a different perspective on many things, including the Creator, Lucifer, the Bible, angels and demons, ascension, the light and dark, the feminine etc.

Anyway, it is an interesting interview whatever your beliefs. Lisa Harrison is one of my favourite interviewers and she often has some interesting guests as well as being informed herself about ascension related topics in order to ask questions that are relevant. I posted another interview by her on this blog way back in Jan 2011, when she was interviewing Lisa Renee, which you can listen to here.

Some bullet points of what was discussed.

This is what Alfaaraa/Alfie said about himself. "Everything I knew was shattered in about 2000/2001." He previously taught channeling, and was a good channel. Yet knew something was missing. There’s another side to the picture. In 2001 was the 5th time he lost everything he had.

Everybody has one of the pieces. I have a few more pieces.

I have full memory of all my lives. We incarnate in genetic lines to work off karma. The Soul modifies genetics of the body. You have to incarnate into the line you created.

The female form is the body of choice. 80+ per cent are women at spiritual gatherings.

Soul and ego have exact opposite purposes. You are veiled through the ego, you have to earn it. I knew by 5 years old that something was definitely different. I was able to communicate and stand up for things.
I always knew that I was an angel.
I always knew that earth and why we are here is not what we are told. I was always getting thrown out of Sunday school.
At about 28 years old I always knew that death isn’t what it is. The body is a vehicle, it is actually clothes for god.

What is created in the physical, manifests in the spiritual.

Humanity grows god, that is your highest purpose and why you are here.
You need to experience the opposite polarity. You can’t do that in the celestial realms.
Two polarities = Michael and Lucifer.

There is you the soul and you the ego.
You are not the body, you are the immortal soul. You are creating yourself. The real you is your I AM presence. You are a fragment of that spirit, a soul. There are 3 types of souls on this planet - the growers, the refiners, the feeders or suppliers.

Each one has a different purpose.

It is through ‘evil’ that you grow. The only place light can come is out of that darkness.

Creation must always be in balance. Unless the darkness grows the light cannot grow.

The ego lives in the body. Bringing Light to darkness is our purpose.
Eckhart Tolle nailed it when he said that the ego is a separate consciousness from god. My ego is called Alfie.

Darkness is there first.
The creator is awakening himself through you.

Lucifer was the first Logos. There are 4 levels of bible reading. When you are at the 3rd and 4th levels then the bible makes sense. Everything is in there.

There are no soul mates, there are no twin flames. You are your own soul mate.
YOU are the soul that you seek.
There are soul groups. They have same eye shape and retina colour.
Every soul has an angel, and every angel has a soul. As you grow, the spirit grows above.

What is a demon? An angel that exists within this world, under the firmament. Every single person at one time in your creation has been a demon. Everyone starts in the darkness.

A demon serves the darkness, angels serve the light. Both are necessary to serve the creator.
Demons' purpose is to increase/expand the darkness, not by being ‘evil’. Eventually our demons become angels. To do so it needs a body. All the rules changed when Christ was risen.
The word letters YHVH (in the bible) - it carries the hebrew verbs ‘to become’. He became Christ. We are here to become.

Hebrew apocrypha, dead sea scrolls, talks about Michael being made God.
Duality was created for a purpose, you can’t disregard it, you can’t consider it a mistake.
You have to understand both - yes it’s all one, and duality exists within the Oneness. It’s both, you can’t ignore anything.
The 12 archangels fragmented into the 144,000 angels/spirits - the entire spiritual wealth that existed at the time, to take back the earth.
It is a battle for the kingdom of heaven/earth.
Israel (144,000 spirits/lines) were the refiners.
beget = walk-in (in bible).
Mount Sinai (in bible) - first time souls were put into form. Before then there were just spirits.
Soul is an aspect of a spirit/star. It’s a process of fragmentation. Light would be too strong and destroy the form. A duplicate, like a hologram, which has all the components of the original.
You are sown in corruption, and raised in glory.
God (the creator) needs Man just as much as Man needs god.
Lucifer is passive.
Michael is the god of this world (every star, planet, constellation under the firmament, not of the whole universe).
Jew is a slang term created by the Romans. They could not insult the Hebrews.
The word Jew refers to those from Judea. It’s a made up Christian word to slander those people.
Jews and Hebrews not the same.
Lucifer volunteered to anchor the dark on earth. He was the only one willing enough and big enough to do it. Lucifer was the first Logos, way before Michael was created.
All spirits/gods were created from Lucifer.
Lucifer went into the bodies of the Hebrews. Lucifer bears all of the pain of humanity on the planet.
An angel serves Michael, a demon serves Lucifer

Angels are victorious, demons are victims.

The most important thing about this earth is that it remains in balance.
World karma servers are called in to increase the dark or the light.
A demon becomes an angel through service.
In serving the darkness I increase the light.

Your ego is a demon. Your ego makes sure that when there is karma that you get it. So the game is rigged. Karma is not ‘fair’ like it is supposed to be. Karma is supposed to go through free will. Free will dictates the karma, the cause (in flesh) and the effect (in spirit).

Karma is only incurred when you trespass against another human being (not animals etc), and karma can only be paid back with another human being.

Lucifer WAS the father, the Logos. Lucifer did not always manifest as feminine until there was Michael. ‘Lightbearer’ is what Lucifer means in Latin, and basically Hebrew too.

When Michael came along and anchored the Light, Lucifer anchored the Dark.
God/Creator is passive. Michael (YHVH) is active.
The Soul is passive.
Lucifer is passive, the ego is active.
Michael is the Awakener, Lucifer is the Increaser.

Anything previous to Christ resurrected is not applicable, doesn’t work, doesn’t fit. There were new rules, new god, new creation, new souls, new everythng.
This creation is much larger than the earth. There is almost no more room to expand.

new soul = from Christ risen
old soul = previous from Christ risen

its a whole different soul type. There are many who have converted over, from old soul to new soul.

Jesus was Michael’s last incarnation. Archangel Michael and Christ Michael are not the same.

Archangel Michael is an aspect of Lord Michael.

I AM THAT I AM - no such statement. Its Moses questioning YHVH (contains the verb 'to become', ie christ). “I will be what I will be” is the correct translation.

Real translation of commandment to honor thy father and mother = Glorify (not honor).

As a child, you are to increase their glory.

The earth and astral plane is the firmament.

Some people have embodied 100 per cent of their real deal Self.
Ego is the soul of Lucifer that lives in you, and acts as your mind and convinces you that you are your body. Your soul is equal to the darkness/ego. You cannot ascend without your ego/Lucifer.

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  1. it is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to understand.

    soooooooooooooooooooo difficult to is equal to swallowing a mountain!!!

    u remember everything about u'r past lives??? really??? n do u know anything abt u'r future??? ;)

    u seem a normal person like me..(yes i'm normal)

    but how did u find out everything???

    were there any encounters with angels or something??? tell me more abt it.

    i was born on april 1.
    now can u talk abt this???

    n i guess everythingz linked up in my life. can't say if this wouldn't have happened that would have happened.

    are some people created only for pain??? lol.

    ok bye now. take care.

    ALFAARAA!!! :D